Central California Alliance for Health: Why work for us?

The Alliance is a rapidly growing, locally governed, not-for-profit health plan. We make a difference in the lives of over 36% of our regional population. If you’re tired of making widgets, and you’re ready to work with a team focused on improving health outcomes and making a significant positive impact on the lives of those in our community, consider joining our award winning health plan.  

Our Culture

The culture at the Alliance is unique and special. We offer an environment of respect, teamwork and camaraderie. We hire individuals who are motivated by a dedication and commitment to work that is challenging and complex, but tremendously rewarding - and who like to have fun at the same time!

Read on to learn more about what it’s like to be an employee at the Alliance.  

Company Events and Initiatives:

  • Quarterly All Staff Meetings: These gatherings provide important news and details about our business environment, along with some fun activities and events mixed in.
  • The Winners’ Cup Challenge: Started in 2001, this annual event offers some time away from work for fun, relaxation and a bit of friendly competition. Held at Sky Park in Scotts Valley, a fully catered luncheon precedes an afternoon of sporting and mental challenge events, with the winning team earning some serious bragging rights, not to mention the coveted gold cup.
  • The Central California Alliance for Team Spirit (CCATS): Our employee activities committee sponsors quarterly events to bring us all together to have a bit of fun. Be it the annual Cinco de Mayo luncheon or Halloween costume contest, CCATS helps us all take a step back to enjoy some time together. CCATS rocks.
  • Staff Recognition: Performance and achievement acknowledgment is a big part of life at the Alliance, and we have ways of showing it. Demonstrate one of our values in your work and you’ll likely be recognized with a Star Award from one of your peers. Your commitment to service and excellence is valued. At our fourth quarter employee meeting, we recognize our staff having served our mission and our community for five and ten years.
  • A Company that Gives Back: We partner each year with local food banks and the United Way agencies to raise money and food for residents in need throughout our tri-county service area. Since our launch in 1996, Alliance employees have donated over one million pounds of food to local food banks, and nearly $320,000.00 to United Way of Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, and Merced County. It’s just another way for us to serve the underserved.
  • Sustainable and Environmentally Focused: The Alliance believes that social and environmental responsibility is not only the right way to operate as a business, but also see these tenants as supporting the economic value of our business. Core to this belief, we adopted and practice the three-part sustainability business framework by placing equal value to the social, environmental, and economic bottom line, to create greater business value.

Work Achievement and Life Enjoyment Balance

At the Alliance, we know it’s not all about work. Our work/life balance initiatives focus on a combination of self, family, friends, work and community, attuned to the uniqueness and variability of our workforce. Benefits and programs the Alliance provides include, but are not limited to:

  • A 9/80 Flexible Scheduling Option:  Work 80 hours in nine workdays and get a day off each pay-period. This equates to an extra 26 days off each year.
  • A Business Casual Dress Code:  That means comfy jeans every day (except for those important meetings with clients, then we need to dress to impress).

Employee Wellness

The Alliance offers one of the most comprehensive employee wellness programs around. Simply put, we believe in the health and wellness of our staff. Our program provides the following:

  • A Pedometer Program: Our “Sonic Striding” quarterly challenge offers you the opportunity to push yourself in new ways. Meet each quarterly goal and earn an extra $600.00 per year.
  • Onsite Fitness: The onsite fitness center at the Scotts Valley location offers weight machines, cables, cardio equipment, a half basketball court and a tennis court.  
  • Paid Gym Memberships: Want to use your own gym? We’ll reimburse up to $30.00 per month membership dues, and up to $100.00 for your enrollment fee.
  • Be an Alliance Racer: Run or walk in a coordinated event in one of our service areas (such as the Big Sur Marathon) and we’ll pay $20.00 toward your registration fee, along with giving you a nifty Alliance sport jersey to wear during the event!
  • Fresh Fruit:  Twice weekly fresh fruit is provided for staff.  
  • Annual Employee Health Fair:  Vendors across the health and wellness spectrum come onsite for demos, education, instruction, and free stuff! 
  • Free Biometric Screening:  We arrange this annual voluntary event, funded by United Healthcare. Earn $75 each year by simply completing an online Health Assessment!
  • Annual Flu Shot Clinic:  Free to all staff each year, prior to flu season.

Employee Benefits

Without question, we offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits package for our staff, which can be viewed by clicking here. Some of our other major benefit offerings include:

  • Generous Paid Time Off: We offer 23 days off for non-exempt positions, 28 days for exempt positions, and it only goes up from there. Over time, you can earn up to 38 days of PTO annually. Add to that eleven paid holidays each year, and you’ll get that well deserved break!
  • PTO Sellback and PTO Donation Programs: Sometimes accrued paid time off is more useful as money in your pocket. Our PTO sellback program allows you to get a little extra cash by turning in some of your saved up time. Have some spare PTO in your account? Consider helping out a friend in need as part of our “Friends Helping Friends” PTO donation program.
  • A 10% Retirement Account Contribution: How is your retirement savings strategy coming along? After completing one year of employment, we contribute 10% of your gross earnings each pay-period to your personal 401(a) account. Add to that the additional employee options to save using our 457 deferred compensation plan and a Roth IRA, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a retirement nest egg.  
  • Costco Membership: Everybody loves Costco. We pay your annual membership fees for you.
  • Massage Days: Need a little muscle tension relief? Each month we make arrangements for a certified massage therapist to be onsite to provide some relief for employees. Sign up for a 15 or 30 minute massage at just $1.33 per minute! It’s a great way to unwind during a busy workday.

Employee Development

The Alliance knows that educated and trained employees are required to run a complex and diverse health plan. That’s why we invest in you by providing the training you need to be successful in your career. Our Training and Development Department offers a complete host of learning opportunities for staff, such as:

  • Employee Onboarding: Our comprehensive approach to onboarding has proven to be successful and rewarding. New employees receive up to 37 hours of Alliance orientation and training. We strive to empower you with the knowledge you need to be successful in your new role.  
  • The Alliance Learning Center (ALC): Our online learning system offers all employees nearly 350 online courses, with topics covering business analysis, communications, computer applications, customer service, leadership and management, project management and personal development. The ALC is available 24/7, seven days a week for Alliance staff.
  • Leadership Development:  Ready to move to the next level? The Alliance believes in growing and developing those individuals expressing a desire to move ahead. Our leadership development program provides training on supervision, performance management, and the Ken Blanchard “Situational Leadership II” model.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Receive up to $2,000.00 annually for educational courses or classes. 
  • Clinical Continuing Education Units:  We offer onsite Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) continuing education courses, free to nursing/clinical staff.